Active Directory Creation On Windows Server 2016

Active Directory Creation On Windows Server 2016 – using a Virtual Machine running under Windows 10 Pro Hyper-V Screenshots:   DNS:     AD should now be functional, for other servers to join this domain. Note, most core production servers use static ip addresses , and not dynamic/DHCP as might be seen in the screenshots […]

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Powershell – HyperV – Create/Resize Virtual Hard disks

Two very useful commands l use to create a Virtual machines VHDX virtual disk, and resize an existing VHDX virtual hard drive. These were used on a Windows 2012 R2 Server running Microsoft Hyper-v Import-Module Hyper-V New-VHD –Path C:\ClusterStorage\Volume2\HyperV\MyServer\MyServer1_Drive_C.vhdx –Fixed 207GB resize-vhd –Path C:\ClusterStorage\Volume2\HyperV\MyServer\MyServer1_Drive_D.vhdx –sizebytes 507GB Click here for much more Hyper-V powershell commands   […]

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